Business Value Creation.
Risk Mitigation. Transformation.

We advise, evaluate and educate in retail, ecommerce, customer experience across all marketing and sales channels: DTC, B2B, B2B2C, ecommerce, retail, marketplaces, omni channel.

We create, fix, grow and transform businesses

Through advisory roles, executive placement services, interim leadership and referrals to highly qualified talent and resources.

We are conversion experts; explorers and innovators with a passion for transactional commerce.

We are committed to brands and companies with purpose for people, planet and profits.

Who we are

Led by ecommerce pioneer and entrepreneur Elaine Rubin and staffed by a highly curated network of resources and subject matter practitioners with expertise in the critical disciplines required across the organization, DPN represents advisors on demand, connecting the right people to the right clients, placements and opportunities.

Our network members, who we refer to as prophets, are leaders in digital, ecommerce, retail, data and insights, marketing, CX, technology, supply chain, merchandising, change management, and are available on demand as advisors and on-site practitioners to benchmark AND optimize sales and profits across all channels and platforms.


We deliver revenue growth through data-driven, customer focused strategy and solution-driven execution across the business or within a functional area.

We provide specialized resources by tapping into our exclusive network of digital specialists, advisors, operators and practitioners across a multitude of skillsets.

What we do

We create new revenue opportunities, develop and accelerate growth strategies, connect and recruit highly skilled resources and talent.

How we do it

Our diverse network allows us the flexibility to deliver solutions in the most relevant and appropriate approach for your situation.

Why work with us

We provide measurable revenue growth and cost savings throughout the business, motivate employees, and organize emerging opportunities.

What we deliver

Our areas of focus include operating business strategies and plans, benchmarks, channel and market expansion, customer engagement, customer loyalty, digital transformation leadership, data analysis, marketing, and organizational change.

Brands we’ve worked with

We are grateful to work with amazing brands; start-ups to enterprise companies, private to public, at all stages.